Trendy, Charitable and Lovin it!

Today were taking the focus away from the bride and groom and shining our lights on your bridesmaids!  You’ve probably enlisted your girls in some much needed help (there’s nothing wrong with a little teamwork). However, this also means showing your appreciation for all their help and support, and we’ve got the perfect gift idea…think trendy and charitable.

YDCcolllage YDCcolllage1

Thanks to Young Designers Collective you can give super trendy hair accessories that your bridesmaids will simply adore. YDC is a group of designers that create products for non-profit organizations to promote good will and to also gain exposure as artists. Oh how we love when fashion and a good cause work together!


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Get Wedding Body Ready!

Want to be the image of perfection on your wedding day? Well then      come to the right place! Today we’re tackling the topic of bridal makeovers. Not just any bridal makeover though, were talking bridalplasty! If you’re in the midst of planning your wedding you have little time to worry about doing crunches or sit-ups (it’s hard to find time even when were not planning a wedding). If you’re choosing the gym route, well frankly you’ll need a lot of time and pre planning for that.  Don’t have that kind of time or energy? Then Marina Plastic Surgery is the absolute best option for you. The docs over at Marina Plastic Surgery have won prestigious awards for their work and services. They have also been featured in magazines like Vogue, Marie Claire and Allure for their expertise.




*All Images are from Marina Plastic Surgery

Whether you’re interested in a butt lift for that Pippa backside, or laser hair removal for your upcoming honeymoon, Marina Plastic Surgery can do it all. Now that sparkling ring won’t be the only thing people will be admiring!

That’s not all! Marina Plastic Surgery is also offering 4 cool sculpting areas for $2,400, which is a $3,000 value!

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The Perfect Floridian Wedding at the Ritz Carlton

Are you looking to have your upcoming wedding in Florida?  Well then look no further because there’s a reason this next venue is at the tippy top of our list. This venue takes the wedding factor up to about a thousand notches.




*All images are courtesy of The Ritz-Carlton, Sarasota

The Ritz-Carlton, Sarasota is a serious no brainer if you want one enjoyable wedding experience from start to finish. At The Ritz-Carlton, your wishes are their command. They can help you with transportation and car rental, photographer, videographer, music and entertainment, hair styling, manicures, pedicures (and anything else you may need assistance with). The resort can also customize your wedding to meet a particular style and imagination. Having the wedding planning process as a complete and total breeze, having your vision turned into one STUNNING wedding, all while having it in a sunny and warm location is a no fail recipe for one breathtaking Floridian wedding!

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The Secret to Perfect Wedding Stationery!

In this day in age everything is done online, and that includes writing letters! Therefore, when it comes to putting together an elegant letter, it’s become something of a special skill. Here at the Wedding Salon we love décor and design, and frankly we really want to know how to address a fancy envelope. It’s just one of those things that has to be Googled every single time, up until now that is. That’s because we’ve come across Postable!


2462_thumbnail_PaintedLines_STD 2570_thumbnail_LemonadeStand_STD 2582_thumbnail_Simple_STD2930_thumbnail_Banner_STD

*All Images are courtesy of Postable

Postable is an online company that allows you to create an original and personalized letter (for any occasion you can imagine) and THEY MAIL IT OUT FOR YOU (fancy included). You can create invitations, thank you cards, baby announcements, wedding invitations and so much more. Next time you want to mail out a letter or an invite and want it to look like you’re a pro at all those envelope details check out Postable, it’s the perfect combination of efficiency and style.

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Your Guide to the Perfect Wedding Registry

One part of planning a wedding that is loads of fun is picking out items for that registry list. Sure it can seem daunting, but it can also be AMAZING. Picture it, you and someone special going up and down the aisles of your favorite store scanning everything and anything you want! The one rule you must remember though, is to choose your registry from a store you absolutely love. And when I got my hands on the Container Store Registry I couldn’t be more excited. Talk about a candy store for grown-ups!

container store

The Container Store is one of the go to stores for everyone who craves the perfect organized space. Even for those who just love a good punch bowl this place is sure to satisfy your needs. They offer supplies for kitchens, baths, offices, closets, bedrooms and so much more. I can go on and on with sweet sentences about this place, but trust me when I say this will be the new fave of many brides to come.

P.S. Check out this handy registry checklist!

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The Ultimate Hamptons Getaway!

If you’re looking to get out of the hustle and bustle of the city and travel to paradise, then boy have I got the perfect retreat for you! The Atlantic, Bentley & Capri Hotel are located in Southampton, NY and is all about when chic meets the beach! We’re not the only ones that have applauded this uber relaxing local, the Atlantic, Bentley & Capri Hotel have been featured in New York Post, the New York Times, Vogue the Wall Street Journal and many more!


The AtlanticBentley Capri Hotel have some of the best spa treatments, super chic guest rooms and suites, a relaxing pool and exquisite restaurant. For the ultimate Hamptons weekend getaway check out the AtlanticBentley Capri Hotel ! We promise you won’t be disappointed.

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