Your Guide to the Perfect Wedding Registry

One part of planning a wedding that is loads of fun is picking out items for that registry list. Sure it can seem daunting, but it can also be AMAZING. Picture it, you and someone special going up and down the aisles of your favorite store scanning everything and anything you want! The one rule you must remember though, is to choose your registry from a store you absolutely love. And when I got my hands on the Container Store Registry I couldn’t be more excited. Talk about a candy store for grown-ups!

container store

The Container Store is one of the go to stores for everyone who craves the perfect organized space. Even for those who just love a good punch bowl this place is sure to satisfy your needs. They offer supplies for kitchens, baths, offices, closets, bedrooms and so much more. I can go on and on with sweet sentences about this place, but trust me when I say this will be the new fave of many brides to come.

P.S. Check out this handy registry checklist!

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The Perfect Gift Idea!

It’s hard to believe, but were well into July, at the height of summer and wedding season. With our event in NYC coming up, our team is in full event mode (and drinking tons of our beloved coffee). But were taking a minute now to slow down and take a special break to talk about something extra sweet. For me, that something sweet means gifts, and today’s gift idea is the Keurig coffee machine. So whether you’re looking for your groomsmen, bridesmaid or even for your own gift registry, make sure to check out the new Keurig machine and consider it for a fab gift idea.


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Look and Feel Great on Your Wedding Day!

Planning a wedding will undoubtedly be one of the most joyous milestones in your life. But as we’ve mentioned before, there’s also some stress that comes along with it. So what’s a girl got to do to look and feel her very best for the special day? Add one more (enjoyable I might add) to-do on that list.

Dr. Braverman

We’re talking a chiropractor session! So how can you get a top notch stress relief session from a resourceful chiropractor that also focuses on wedding day prep? Visit the talented Dr. Ryan Braverman of course. He is our go to guy when it comes to relieving stress, and he has amazing tricks up his sleeve that no other chiropractor uses! He offers corrective exercises, lifestyle advice, nutritional counseling and much more. He focuses on every aspect of a person to ensure they seek the best care for them.

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Telling Your Love Story

Let’s be honest, every wedding usually revolves around the bride. It’s the one day we girls get to be the center of attention and truly feel like a princess.  However, what makes a wedding truly special in my opinion is when both the bride and groom are the center of attention… after all it’s about the unity of both you love birds. One sweet way to include both the bride and groom in the picture (literally) is to use Castle Court Images to tell your love story in front of all your guests!

Castle Court Images specializes in making videos and montages with pictures, memories and stories that you provide them with. This would also be a super cute idea for a dinner rehearsal. Having all your family and friends watching your love story will make truly unforgettable memories….and taking a walk down memory lane with your loved one is the perfect reminder of why you fell in love in the first place.

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A Romantic Lake-Side Wedding

There’s something about this next venue that makes me want to jump into the websites photo gallery and live there forever. Let me set the scene: Layers of lush green foliage atop mountains surrounding you, hand in hand with your beloved, your closest friends and family all around and a serene lake as your backdrop. Can you imagine what kinds of snapshots your photographer will capture with that as the setting?

Basin Harbor Club

At Basin Harbor Club you will have the perfect combination of relaxed and classic elements that will make your day magical. Not only can you and some of your nearest and dearest spend your wedding day here, you can also stay overnight at one of their sweet yet rustic cottages. We think the phrase on their website “A special day means a special venue” pretty much sums it up!

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Wedding Salon Miami Event

It was amazing to see all of our soon to be Floridian brides at our June 9 event in Miami. As most of you know we had fabulous vendors who were at our guests’ service and ready to please! We had something for everyone!

For all of our foodies, there were treats for the palette thanks to the cake tastings from Ana Paz cakes and Catalina’s Bake Shop and an interactive Keurig coffee bar. For the beauty divas, we had makeovers from Lancôme and manis from Exhale Spa. For everyone looking for the perfect honeymoon retreat, we had appearances from the islands of Aruba and Curacao and the Capella Marigot. We can’t have a wedding event without bridal gowns! For all the fashionistas, we had breathtaking bridal gowns from La Vie En Blanc and Rashawn Rose!


These were just some of the exciting sites to see and be a part of at the event. Come to our next event to find out what else we have in store for you lucky ladies!

For all those NYC gals out there, make sure to check out our next event in NY on July 21.We will have amazing appearances just like these and MUCH. MUCH. MORE.

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