9 Instagrams Every Bride Should Follow

It can be difficult  to find inspiration on social media as there so much out there, you end up seeing a whole bunch of accounts you are not really interested in. SO, we have compiled a list of instagrams every bride should follow, only the accounts with the really good stuff! This is wedding planning gold.

1. Elizabeth Messina


Elizabeth Messina is an artist and photographer.  She has an eye for style and a fantastic ability to capture beautiful movements between loved ones.Her alluring work has decorated the covers of many magazines, including People and InStyle. Elizabeth Messina also runs a tasteful wedding blog, kissthegroom.com, that all should checkout.

Instagrams every bride should follow

2. 100_LayerCake


100 Layercake was devised by three friends and designers, Jillian, Amanda and Kristina. 100_Layercake serves as an inspiration to any woman planning for her big day. 100_Layercake’s blog is exploding with unique and crafty ideas to add to your wedding plans.


3. BHLDN Weddings  


BHLDN offers beautiful, vintage-inspired dresses. The dresses are meant to capture glimpses of attire from many eras ago, where an elegant standard of dress was expected. Not only can you find a beautiful gown for yourself, your whole bridal party will fall in love with BHLDN’s collection. They offer all the accessories one will ever need on their wedding day as well.

Instagrams every bride should follow

4. Wedding Sparrow


Wedding Sparrow is the blog every stylish bride-to-be needs to follow, they emulate all things pretty. Wedding Sparrow combines pretty with unusual, and covers weddings from intimate outdoor ceremonies to elaborate hundred person gatherings. Not only can you find DIY projects on their page, but they also have a vendor guide where you can find anything from venues to accessories.

Instagrams every bride should follow

5. Brides Magazine


Every bride-to-be should be a subscriber to Bride Magazine. Bride serves as an inspiration for all things wedding. It’s your one-stop place for weddings from rings to honeymoons and everything in-between.


6. Kleinfeld Bridal


Kleinfeld bridal has been around for over 60 years, and has yet to disappoint. Kleinfeld sells more luxurious gowns than any other store on earth, and there’s no confusion as to why. They understand that every bride is one-of-a-kind, just like Kleinfeld dresses.


7. Jose Villa


Jose Villa is a stunning fine art photographer, and there’s no question as to why Photo District New (PDN) has named him one of the top wedding photographers in the world. His beautiful photos capture the enticing moments of every wedding he shoots.  His styled shoots radiate elegance and class.


8. SMP Weddings


Style Me Pretty Weddings is the ultimate wedding blog. SMP suffices as an inspiration to every bride, capturing everything from beautiful dresses to the perfect table settings.


9. The Knot


The Knot is the number one wedding planning destination. Not only do they offer great planning resources, but they stay with the bride even after their big day. They offer advice on anything from getting along with in-laws to shopping for insurance.   


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Lunch With a Legend - Sylvia Weinstock

Tatiana Byron & Sylvia Weinstock

Over the years Tatiana Byron, Wedding Salon founder and CEO, has become very close with many industry professionals, but one person in particular holds a special place in our hearts, Sylvia Weinstock.  Just to refresh your memory, Sylvia Weinstock is a ground breaking  celebrity cake maker that has been a huge influencer and part of the Wedding Salon family. At 93 years old she still schedules regular lunch dates with Tatiana. In 2015 it’s not often to have such an amazing mentor and unique bond. The truth is, these two have so much in common it’s very easy to see why they have become such close pals. Both Tatiana and Sylvia are self made, driven,  business women. They both share a love for the wedding industry and have become extremely successful business women. Cheers to all the successful women and mothers out there taking on life one day at a time!

If you don’t know much about Sylvia, read the article from the Wall Street Journal, it will inspire you to go for your dreams. Yes, you can have your cake and eat it too!

Kimberly Callet, David Berke, Tatiana Byron, Sylvia Weinstock and Mara Urshel
Kimbery Callet, David Berke, Tatiana Byron, Sylvia Weinstock, and Mara Urshel back at a Wedding Salon event in 2011

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6 Ways to

Are you proposing to your bridesmaids? Are you planning  on asking your leading  ladies in a memorable proposal? We have some ideas to make your bridesmaids feel like they are accompanying you in a very important time of your life. Don’t forget to click on the photos – each photo connects you with a whole other list/pcitures of amazing ideas for your bridesmaid proposals.


Give your bridesmaid- to-be this box. Inside the box will be a “pop me” pin and  a balloon. Pop the the question by making this on your own or order from Etsy!

Hidden Scarf message bridesmaids

Let your bridesmaids unravel a scarf to reveal the proposal!

will you be my bridesmaid ballon

Yup, you can order these cute “will you be my bridesmaid” balloons on Etsy! The greatest place for all your smaller wedding needs!

If your friendship is of the humorous nature we suggest some of the following bridesmaids proposals. AND, bonus, all these ideas are incredibly affordable. When you are spending so much on a wedding it feels wrong to spend too a lot of money on the smaller things. The key is to pick the areas you want to spend money in and then to opt in for more sentimental plans in the areas you need to save in.

If I promise bridesmaid

will you be my bridesmaid


 Which one of these ideas gets you the most excited to pop the question to your ladies? What is your hubby-to-be doing for his groomsmen? We want to hear from you!


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7 Tips For Feeling Hot On Your Wedding Day

There is a lot of pressure to feel and look perfect on your wedding day. However,  we know it’s much more easily said than done!  We are suggesting some pre-wedding day techniques as well as day of wedding techniques that will have you feeling your best! It’s important to make sure you take appropriate measures to genuinely enjoy your wedding day without having the thoughts “I really shouldnt have eat this today” or “I feel oily”… in the back of your mind.

1.  Make Your Workout Fun
If you don’t work out regularly and have never had the desire to, try something different for wedding day prep. We suggest fun classes from Pure Barre. “Pure Barre allows you to block “life” out for the hour, creating the mental benefits similarly obtained by the practice of yoga or meditation. A transformed body and a clear head in just one hour—it doesn’t get much better than this.” Doing a workout that will relieve stress and tone you up will help you FEEL great. Some other fun options, depending on your personality could be kick boxing, hip hop/dance classes, acrobatics, or even swing classes. One of our favorite luxury gyms, David Barton Gyms, offers the swing classes that will make you look like a pro for your wedding and whip you into shape!

Pure Barre NYC - Wedding Fitness

2. Get High End Lingerie
Get some seriously rockin’ lingerie that makes you feel like you sexy. You should wear it under your wedding dress just to give you that extra boost of sass and confidence all day long. There are many options for beautiful lingerie but one of our personal favorites is Kiki De Montparnasse, luxurious lingerie that is a wedding must! Tell your bridesmaids about this site for your bachelorette party gifts!

Kiki De Montparnasse - Wedding Day Lingerie

3. Learn How to Pose for Pictures
There are certain poses that you hate and certain poses that you love. Look at some of your past pictures and figure out what makes your body and shape look the best. Ask your photographer what other people have done to elongate their shape. Come up with poses you absolutely hate and make you feel uncomfortable and let your photographer know ahead of time. This will avoid uncomfortable moments and give you confidence. Knowing that you feel good about your photos will make you feel good all day!

4. Don’t Buy Junk Food for a While
Starting 6 month – a year before your wedding commit to not bringing junk food into your house. You will be surprised at how much better you will look and feel when you skip eating oreos late night. This way at least if you are eating out, not dieting, or exercising, you will still trim down and feel better. Replace  those junk food snacks something healthy. Our suggestion is to go with a company like Alive Juices!

Alive Juices

5.  What NOT Eat the Day Of Your Wedding
You definitely need to eat before you walk down the aisle, but selecting something that won’t make you feel icky can be tricky. You know your body the best, you know how you feel when you eat certain foods. Keep these specific things in mind: Avoid eating foods that make you feel bloated, jittery, oily or give you heart burn for your wedding day.
Here are some of the basics: Avoid coffee, energy drinks, or teas that have a lot of caffeine in them, you will be jittery and your nerves will naturally give you energy.
Avoid oils – skip the oil/vinegar dressings or anything that makes your face feel dirty
Avoid salts/carbonated/ drinks – this will make you feel bloated, full and uncomfortable in your dress.
Avoid spicy – anything spicy might give you heart burn or make your stomach sick

6. Say No to Things that Make You Feel Uncomfortable
Some wedding traditions may make you feel uncomfortable. It is a day where you are forced to be in the spot light and some traditions may feel icky to you. If you personally feel that the whole garter belt gig is not something that will make you feel good, then ditch it! If you don’t want cake smeared all over your face after spending money on makeup, tell your fiance before hand. Feeling hot and enjoying your day is a priority for you, go ahead and explain why you would rather ditch those things. People will respect your wishes, its your big day!

7.  Be Confident
Prepare yourself in advance to love how you look and feel. Managing your expectations will make you feel perfect for your big day. Just because it’s your wedding day doesn’t mean you will all of a sudden the Barbie, however, you are beautiful, after all someone is dedicating their life to you, that should be enough. If you follow some of these simple steps you will feel hot on your wedding day.

If you are planning your wedding, you need to find vendors, you can meet some of these amazing vendors at our 2015 Luxury Wedding Expos that emulate real luxury weddings!



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Invitation Only


Let’s talk paper. When planning a wedding, it’s obvious that there are a lot of decisions the bride needs to make. However, invitations may be one of the most important aspects to set the tone and theme of your wedding. When it comes to invitations, it isn’t just one card anymore. Stationary for the big day now includes save the dates, invitations, reply cards, reception cards, wedding programs, menu cards, place cards, and thank-you cards.

couture 3

 That’s why it is important to find an invitation company that fits your personality and style, so they can help you navigate through all of the decisions! Personally, we love Couture Ink. The owner Robin, and her team, can take any theme or color palette and put together the perfect package for any wedding!

couture 2

 Also, who wouldn’t want to use a company that caterers to celebrities! Check out Couture Ink featured in US Weekly!  These gorgeous menus were for Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg’s wedding and we can’t get enough, so classic and elegant!

couture 1


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Fight those Wedding Jitters!

It’s perfectly normal, to feel a little anxious over the guest list and choosing your vendors. Or maybe a little overwhelmed having to choose between your best friends for maid of honor! Don’t worry every bride feels the same stress! Wouldn’t it be nice if there was some one that could help you and keep you calm during these difficult decisions? Wait—there is!


Cue Rachel Mueller-Lust. She is the founder of Wondrance Weddings, and honestly we’re obsessed. Not only is she a wedding officiant, that will completely customize your ceremony, but she is a bridal coach.

Rachel will help you maintain a stress free and joyful engagement and keep your nerves at bay.

We checked out her recent blog post for a little inspiration and here are her top four tips for keeping that bridal stress away and a smile on your face!


Step 1. Watch all the wedding movies you can find. It doesn’t matter which ones you pick because any wedding movie you see is bound to have more drama than anything you are experiencing (and if not, well, I am so sorry).

Step 2. Find a friend who is not in the wedding party, preferably someone who got married recently. Ask them to listen to you vent about everything and I mean everything.

Step 3. Pick a time when no one is around and turn up the volume on your favorite music. Sing along as loud as you can, even if you can’t keep a tune—especially if you can’t keep a tune.

Step 4. Take a bubble bath. Yeah, I mean a bath with bubbles. Find a bottle of kid-style bubble bath that creates gobs and gobs of bubbles and add enough to your bath to have them overflow.”

Ahh..we are feeling better already…check her out- you’ll thank us later.



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