Add Magic to Your Wedding Day!

Today we’re all about sophistication, romance and class! If you grew up with Annie Banks’ wedding as your dream, then you know what kind of wedding i’m talking about. And that couldn’t take place without the help of a dream team like Ideal Ensembles.
Image via Ideal Ensembles
Ideal Ensembles […]

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Liberate Your Party!

Music is the key to any good wedding! You really need to look at what type of music you want to be played, the energy you want to create and track record of a band. Not sure you have time to do this? Don’t worry….we already found them for you! 45 Riots is a NYC based […]

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Let There Be Music

You have your theme, flowers, and centerpieces- everything you need to create a beautiful atmosphere that guarantees your guests will be entertained at your reception- except your music. Quality music creates mood, ambiance, and brings energy to your party. We love […]

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Wedding Entertainment Tips!

A huge part of the reception is the music that you choose to have. The music can either blow the roof off of the reception or just turn out to be a complete bust.
It is important question for a bride to ask is what kind of music […]

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Wedding Reception Entertainment

Trying to put some last minute details together for your wedding reception? Well here are a few things to consider when it comes to choosing entertainment…the question remains DJ or Live Music?
Wicked Messengers

It is clear that a band is more costly due to a few factors– […]

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Introducing The Benjamins

Are you looking for one of the hottest bands to play at your wedding? Check out The Benjamins!
Benjamins 1
The Benjamins play a combination of New Hits, Party Classics, Swing, Latin and oldies-but goodies.  The stage presence of The Benjamins is contagious and will be sure […]

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