A Prosposal Fit For Broadway

It is no surprise that so many engagements happen during the summer. Vacation time is finally here, the sun is shining, and romance is in full bloom. Every proposal in itself is magical and memorable. There is nothing like a gorgeous sunset, or a romantic picnic on the beach to give a […]

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Don't Forget About the Groom!

For many brides, their wedding day is seen as the big Sweet 16 party that they never had. The only difference is that they have to share their party with their groom. Now for the most part, a groom will allow their bride to plan their wedding and all they have to do is show […]

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A Newlywed Wish!

While the registry is an exciting aspect of the wedding, sometimes it can be daunting.  Tradition has changed over the years, where many brides-to-be already live with their future groom. These brides, like me, may already have the finest cutlery, the perfect pot-and-pan set and perhaps even the most beautiful china. Although a future bride […]

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Grooms Suit Up in Customized Style

A bride can always find a way to add a special touch to her wedding day look. From a vintage birdcage veil to custom-designed jewelry, the options are endless.  On the other hand, a groom’s choice of couture is slightly more limited. We were thrilled when we discovered Bonobos, as the perfect fix for some […]

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