Flowers, Flowers and More Flowers

Flowers tend to be one of the most important aspects of a wedding, so why let the job be done by just anyone. As Chicago’s premier florist for the last two decades, Virginia Wolff is the best at what she does and will ensure excellent service to satisfy all of your floral wedding day needs.

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Lovely in White

Everyone always looks for the newest, hottest trend in weddings.  But sometimes simple can be so sweet!  The traditional white wedding is always popular, but this season it’s coming back with a bang!
As for my favorite part of white weddings? The flowers of course! There are so many beautiful options and creative ways to use […]

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Does Do-It-Yourself Always Get Done?

When you start planning your wedding, do-it-yourself projects may sound fun.   Who didn’t like arts and crafts as a kid?  It’s even more appealing when the words “low cost” are ringing in your ears.  I’m all for being hands-on during the planning process, but there are some “projects” that usually end up being more than you […]

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Flowers by Topaz

flowers by topaz
Mark has worked with celebrity clients such as Lindsay Lohan and the Real Housewives of NY! His flowers are reasonable and absolutely gorgeous. He has such great taste and can also help you with the theme and room décor.

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