Destination Gift Giving

Are you a bride that has decided to hold a destination wedding and celebrate your love in a meaningful location? If so, they you may be familiar with something that plays a small, but important, role in making guests feel at home in an exotic location […]

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“Beauty is in The Eye of The Beer Holder”

We’re kicking off the start of the week and Munchie Monday with a topic I know you will enjoy and one your fiance will enjoy as well, serving beer at your wedding. There is something special about drinking a cold beer on a hot summer day […]

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Signature Cocktails

Signature cocktails can be a great way to personalize your wedding! Everyone has a favorite drink that they love – so why not personalize it and give it a new name? It’s your day after all, anything goes!
Here are a few of my favorite drinks for the summertime that make perfect signature cocktails!
Pink Grapefruit Mojito […]

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Cash Bar: Acceptable or Not Acceptable ?

Alcohol is a must-have expense at any wedding reception, but it can also be a costly one, especially if you are expecting a large number of attendees. Many brides question whether it’s acceptable to have a cash bar at the wedding, and in my opinion, the answer is no! You are inviting guests to a […]

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